Five Chap 6

Five Five

What will happen in their class field trip??

Five Five
Five Five
Five Five
Five Five
Five Five
Five Five


As usual, there is something unusual about the events that is held by the school. This class field trip turned out to be an over-night trip to Atami. And the five guys decide to have the same room as their hime(princess).

While they were at the beach, Hina had lived in Atami before. A guy came up to her and he recognized her and he was one of her former classmate. He suddenly confessed to Hina and they were to meet at night. Of course, no one wants her to go to meet him. Toshi happened to walk by and heard Tani(former classmate) said that he just wants some refreshing girl to sleep with and good things must be shared with friends. Toshi beat the shit out of them and Kojiro with his sword helped out too xD. it was a pretty funny scene.

Toshi ended up meeting with Hina instead of Tani.(wonder why.. lol) the fireworks started to go on and TOSHI AND HINA KISSED!!


I LOVE the art!! i LOVE shoujo manga!! and all the guys are freaking hot!!

I really like this chapter because you can finally see Toshi’s feeling for Hina clearly but not Hina’s. i love how kojiro always appear in the middle of something. i also really like the part where they kissed. its really cute.


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  1. Danny said,

    December 17, 2006 @ 6:22 pm

    I like shoujo manga too! Never heard of this one though. the only shoujo i’m reading at the moment is Koukou Debut, heard of that one? :-)

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