I’m back..sadly ;P i had gone to Hong Kong for a little bit more than 2 weeks. i LOVE it!!!! i bought sooo many stuff! and of course anime/manga related things are deff in those stuff.

I bought a L ring even tho i love light more but L is still great.

And i bought some Nana<33 stuff too. its nana's 1st illustrations.

and some pages in it

and these are the stickers that come with it

This is the Movie Guide of the Bleach movie Memories of Nobody.

this is the poster that comes with it

thats the other side of the poster

that’s the back side of the movie guide

Of course i bought some mangas too! but im not gonna take pics of them because im lazy as hell xD and my trip was SOO MUCH FUN! I LOVE IT! even tho new year’s eve was a little bit disappointing because the plan fell thru but i still had fun. i soo want to go back again in the summer but i doubt that will happen anytime soon :’(


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